Mr. Pierre Fabre, pharmacist, founded the pharmaceutical company, Pierre Fabre Laboratories in Castres in the early 60’s who acquired KLORANE Laboratories as the starting point for Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmetic at the same period of time.  Nowadays, there are 7 derma cosmetic brands developed by the group including EAU THMERALE Avène, Rene FURTERER, A-Derma, DUCRAY, ELANCYL and Galenic.  

In 1978, Phytofilière, a 5-step process to control the quality of plant based active ingredients and securing the supply network was created to ensure the quality, efficacy and the safety of all products whilst growing our own plants without disturbing the ecosystem’s balance.

The KLORANE Institute was founded in 1994 according to the wishes of Mr. Pierre
Fabre, a Corporate Foundation of KLORANE Laboratories, works for the “Protection and Good Use of the Plant Heritage”. The KLORANE Institute fulfills his desire to “share our knowledge of plants which we have been acquiring for over 40 years” by protecting plants, contributing to the respects of plants biodiversity and educating our children.  

Thanks to the advanced technology from the Pierre Fabre Group, more than 200 products were developed for KLORANE including hair care, baby care, body care and eye care that are all produced under the brand philosophy – “While we protecting plants, we take care of people”.