Anti-aging Ritual

Redensify lime hair lacking volume
Tone and densify your fine, limp hair


Complex 5

  • Regenerating plant-extract
  • Essential oils of Lavender and Orange
  • Promotes micro-circulation and reinforces the action of subsequently used care products


TONUCIA Anti-aging toning and densifying shampoo

  • Revitalizes hair fiber from the roots up
  • Restructures hair fiber for stronger and more resilent hair   

Toning and Densifying Mask

  • Fortifies and densifies hair fiber deep-down
  • Restructures and protects hair against external aggressions
  • Perfectly detangles hair, leaving it light and bouncy



Toning densifying serum

  • Fights against hair aging
  • Rebuilds the hydrolipidc film after time-induced changes

Hair Diameter: +9.9% *

* Proven efficacy from 31 female subjects (aged over 50s) after 2-month treatment